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Doing the right thing

As some of you know we had a hiccup with our system over the weekend. Thanks to everyone who let us know about it. We are working to fix all problems. If you have any specific questions or issues, please email us directly.

Thanks everyone for your patience!

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How Long Have You Been A Member?

Congrats to Nacanaca and to Blahbumian for at least four years as a member on the Zimmer Twins. What about you? Anyone else out there been a member for that long?
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Happy Easter Everyone

Does your Easter have many family traditions? What do you do to celebrate?

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Valentine's Day Competition Winners

**********Congratulations Ahcoo and sue22 ***********

Valentine's Day ALIEN? by Ahcoo
The Valentine's Blimp by sue22


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Two days to go

With two days to go, I think everyone has had enough time to submit their Valentine's day movies. I am going to turn this one around on you. Please submit your nominations for who should win for the best Valentine's Movie of 2012.

We will tally the results on Thursday.

Oh and Tobycat, thanks!

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New Challenge

Since February is almost here, that means Valentine's day is coming. Time to start making some Valentine's movies. Thanks for the suggestion Tobycat!

What does Valentine's day mean to you? To me, it means SWEETS! I always hope to get treats from my family (hint hint family). Yum!

Do you think Edgar likes candy or chocolate better? Will Eva have a secret admirer? Make sure to add Valentine into your movie title so we can all find those great movies.

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Pop Quiz

Rhymes make for great movies. How many words can you think of that rhyme together? The first person with the most words wins. Website rules in effect of course.

I'll start: rug, bug, pug, lug, snug, dug, tug.

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Happy New Year!

What is your New Year's resolution for 2012?

Here is one that I like: I'll be nice to other kids. I'll be friendly to kids who need friends, like someone who is shy, or is new to my school.

What are some other ideas?

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Boxing Day

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, what was your favourite present?

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Giving Thanks

Wow, some great gift ideas. Thanks everybody!

So now that we have been thinking about present ideas, what about things you are thankful for? I am very thankful for my great family because they are funny and considerate. What about you, what are you thankful for and why?