April showers bring May flowers

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It's contest time! For this contest we'd like you to make a movie about the Zimmer Twins gang enjoying springtime. To enter, just make sure you put the word Spring in the title of your movie. The contest ends April 30th and our winner will get one free month of VIP membership. This contest is open to our non-VIP members as well.

Happy movie-making!

@Blah, I've had A LOT of

I've had A LOT of homework lately, so I haven't been able to come to ZT very often, but now it's the weekend, so I can come on more often! :)



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I agree!

@CatBoy: I watched one I

@CatBoy: I watched one I hadn't seen before called Dinosaur :) I have four more animated Disney movies left to go! But I can't find them anywhere D:

I have been on, just not

I have been on, just not commenting.
I'm still at my grandma's, which means I only have my iPad, (their computer is so slow, it's unreal!) so I can't watch and comment on movies, or make any, and there's nothing interesting to say on the blog either.

@MegaGamer1 See you

See you then!
-Blah :)

@Everyone I haven't been on


I haven't been on lately because I got grounded
I'll be back on ZT on friday!

@SmashTris Well, ZT isn't as

Well, ZT isn't as famous as it was a few years ago, but that's not necessarily a bad thing...remember the riots that took place in the past?
-Blah :)

@Blah I think you're right. I


I think you're right. I didn't make a zt video that day.

Is Zimmer Twins losing it's fame? Can't be..

Honestly, it feels like for

Honestly, it feels like for the last 2 days the only people who have been on are me, What Ever and Catboy...where's everybody else, like Rad256 or Ben99? It's been so quiet lately...
-Blah :)

@What Ever Which one?? I

@What Ever Which one?? I watched Robin Hood: Men In Tights (Oh, I guess I said that already)

@Ben99 Wow. For some reason I suck at Wiffle ball.
I just found out that even though I'm a bottom of the lineup/benchwarmer player, I have the fourth highest Slugging percentage and batting average on my team (Higher spot in the batting order?? Hopefully)

For Easter, we just woke up

For Easter, we just woke up in the morning and took a look at what chocolate's we got. We then had Pancakes for breakfast and did the Easter Egg Hunt. Then went to my Mum's Friends house for the afternoon. We had lunch there and it was delicious! We hung out there until 6:00pm and we then went home, then my sister and watched a Disney movie, as usual, haha c:

Boy, lots of people are

Boy, lots of people are telling there Easter!

CONTINUED Family members


Family members arrived around 2:00.

ANNUAL KIDS VS ADULTS WIFFLE BALL GAME!!!!!! Final score: 17 to 7, kids massacring the adults, with the help of 3 home runs from me, myself, and I (2 3-run homers and a solo)! With a total of 9 RBIs and going 5 for 7 with 3 homers and 2 singles, (not to mention stellar fielding) I was a major factor in the kid's win! (We lost last year... I forget the score...)

RANDOMNESS LATER (including a Pokémon chat)

No Easter egg hunt though...

My Easter (this is blurry, so

My Easter (this is blurry, so bear with me):

Woke up at around 7:30

Barely finished breakfast at around 7:50

Went to church: 8:00

Took family pictures (visited my grandparents/my mom's side of the family......so of course we NEED pictures *coughsarcasmcough*) after church: 10:45 through 11:05



(CONTINUED) 2:00 Saw my

2:00 Saw my friends from my old neighborhood for the last time. Finished cleaning up apartment
7:00 Unpacking boxes at home
7:30 Started watching Click starring Adam Sandler, got upset because my dad had said I could before then told me I couldn't (SERIOUSLY! I'M 13 NOW!!)
8:00 Watched Robin Hood: Men In Tights.
Not my typical Easter :P

My Easter: 7:30 Got up, went

My Easter:
7:30 Got up, went to church
9:00 Church breakfast. Whoever came up with pizza for breakfast is GENIUS!
9:30 Watched all the other kids do the easter egg hunt (including older ones) with my friend. I get to munch off my brother's candy.
10:00 Church service
12:30 Lunch. My dad grilled hamburgers and hot dogs

It's the end of Spring Break

It's the end of Spring Break for me. But I'm not going to school until I get my cavities out! I'll be back in school after lunchtime! :)

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I bet this took a lot of work!

HAPPY Resurrection Sunday!!

HAPPY Resurrection Sunday!!

@rad Awesome easter! It's


Awesome easter!
It's 1:00 pm in Oklahoma and i'm at my grandparents eating
Bannana pudding!! Mmmmm!



By 3:30PM we visited our land in the hills - which I call a "plantation", even though this is Poland, not Alabama, and we don't grow cotton.
It felt so springlike! Leaves have grown, it was warm, cherries were blossoming.
It's 5:30PM now. My parents and sister are leaving tomorrow afternoon, but I'm staying with my grandparents until next Saturday.
On Wednesday, I'm going to my old school with my friends :)


My Easter Around 9:00AM we

My Easter

Around 9:00AM we had an Easter breakfast - which means white borscht with eggs and sausages, and then the babka cake.
At 10:30AM we went to church and around 12:00PM, we hit the road to our grandmother's house.
Around 2:00PM, we ate dinner - which wasn't so Eastery. Unless chickdn souo, turkey and BBQ potatoes are Eastery.
At 3:00PM we had an Easter Egg Hunt and it was a tie.


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I agree!

Does anyone remember when my

Does anyone remember when my wrist got injured?

Well it is now fully healed :D



Happy easter!! Hope i will

Happy easter!!

Hope i will do a easter egg hunt!!

@EVERYONE! Since, it's


Since, it's Easter. I'll be busy. Watch my To: All movie for more info.



(continued from last

(continued from last comment)
My little sister was upset because she couldn't find any eggs, so my dad gave her a clue, and she found one! After we counted easter eggs, Dad pointed out that there were 2 more eggs, but we couldn't find them. Then after a couple minutes, she found the last 2! We got lots of candies and money! It was FUN! FUN I TELL YA! XD Talk about a crazy start of Easter morning, huh? XD!!!


HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! :D Guess what happened a few minutes ago! We had a crazy, CRAZY Easter egg hunt: We raced for an easter egg and we accidentally knocked over one of the goodie bags for my communion. My little sister knocked her head under the counter while finding an egg and she was just fine! XD

(continued on next comment)



@rad It's still Saturday

It's still Saturday here.
I just watched Spaceballs for the 2nd time. BEST. MOVIE. EVER!!

Sometimes they do make blogs

Sometimes they do make blogs on Sunday. They made an Easter Blog in 2012.


@Blah no, I picked it up from

@Blah no, I picked it up from you

@catboy You used the word

You used the word SHEMURR :D Congratulations, you are officially a superhero (you know what I mean if you watch IISuperwomanII on YouTube xD)
-Blah :)

@Ben99 I usually understand

@Ben99 I usually understand more of you than most people and I totally understand what the SHEMURR that is

He saved me again!! Jeff the

He saved me again!! Jeff the Sableye!! This time against a wild Linoone that wouldn't let me escape!

A message to Pokémon fans:

A message to Pokémon fans: Today I was playing Emerald, and Jeff my Sableye came up in the clutch in the Petalburg gym leader battle! Norman made the following faint: Miles the Swellow, Tim the Marshtomp, 1-UP the Breloom, and Kyle the Lombre! My HM slave/Zigzagoon (level 4) would be my last resort if Jeff hasn't come through!

I chose my username because I

I chose my username because I was a boy and I liked cats.

Looking back, if I could change my username, I would do something like DrumSolo or GuitarSolo or Guitar_Solo. You get the idea

@Gia1010 Here is my

Here is my username's history:
2007 to 2008 I was 07987 (I couldn't think of a creative username so I just put random numbers), from 2008 to 2009 I was Blah_07987 (again, totally random choice), from 2009 to 2010 I was Blahbummer (which comes from a series called 'Zimmer Bummer' that I made a the time) and in 2010, I joined ZT.com and decided to change the username to 'Blahbumian'.
That is my username's long history. Now, how did you choose your user name? :P
-Blah :)

@Gia1010 Because Sunday is a

Because Sunday is a weekend, and I never see the Mods making blogs on Saturdays and Sundays.
-Blah :)

@Blah How do you know? Just

How do you know? Just wondering.

Random queston: How did u choose your username?

@SmashTris Tommorow is

Tommorow is Sunday, and the Mods don't go to work on Sunday. Therefore, it's actually an 100% chance Nessa will NOT
make a blog tommorow.
-Blah :)

I disagree!

I disagree!

It's 100% that ness a will

It's 100% that ness a will make a Easter blog tomorrow.

My dad thinks I'm a bit too

My dad thinks I'm a bit too old

Im also a teen im not old

Im also a teen im not old about around 76 years old that's old...

@mega I'm a teen, I'm not to

I'm a teen, I'm not to old

Hey guys!

Hey guys!

I'm 12 but my mom thinks i'm

I'm 12 but my mom thinks i'm too old D: